Report - The People’s Great Lakes Summit
May, 2017

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The St. Clair River AOC - PowerPoint Presentation (13 slides) post August 2016
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Discussion Paper posted May 2016
Status of the Beneficial Use Impairment Restrictions on Drinking Water Consumption or Taste and Odour Problems
Prepared for the Canadian RAP Implementation Committee

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Degradation of Aesthetics BUI Report - posted Sept. 6, 2014

Fact Sheets  on the St. Clair River

Fact Sheet # 1
Fact Sheet # 2
Fact Sheet # 3
American Side Fact Sheet
SCRAOC Brochure

An Assessment of Wildlife Reproduction and Deformities in the St. Clair River Area of Concern
Pamela Martin, Shane de Solla, Kimberley Hughes & Kimberley Palonen
Posted November, 2013
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The Quality of Water and Habitat in the St. Clair River AOC  - Posted September, 2013
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St. Clair River BPAC - Public Update Report - Posted June, 2013
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St. Clair River Area of Concern -
Posted May 28, 2013
2012 - 2017 Workplan

St. Clair River Area of Concern
Assessment of the Added Cost to Agriculture or Industry BUI
Draft Report

“Added Costs to Agriculture and Industry”
September 28, 2012
Naomi C. Williams, Environment Officer, Walpole Island First Nation

2012 BPAC / FOSCR River Symposium
Follow links below to view all of the presentation materials presented at the recent St. Clair River Symposium held in Sarnia, Ontario on June 7th, 2012

0-Symposium Agenda
1-Historical Biological Impacts Session Introduction
2-Consumption of Fish
3-Fish Tumours and Deformities
4-Historical Biological Impacts Session Summary
5-The River Bottom Session Introducttion
6-Contaminant Bioaccumulation in Benthic Invertebrate Communities
7-Contaminated Sediments and Benthic Invertebrate Communities
8-Managing Contaminated Sediments
9-The River Bottom Session Summary
10-Keynote Presentation
11-Water and People Session Introduction
12-Protecting the River - Canada and Ontario Legislation and Regulations
13-River Protection Initiatives in the United States
14-Water and People Session Summary
15-Habitat Session Introduction
16-Fish Habitat Restoration
17-Shoreline Restoration along the St. Clair River
18-Habitat Session Summary

2012 Progress Summary Report (June, 2012)

2012 Work Plan Accomplishments Report (June, 2012)

Delisting Criteria Final Report (May, 2012)

Review of Status of Beneficial Use Impairment #7: Added Costs to Agriculture and Industry
- Posted March 4, 2012

Fish Tainting Summary Report - Posted August, 2011

Great Lakes Areas of Concern Beneficial Use Impairments Status Report

St. Clair River Beneficial Use Impairments - CRIC Update Report to BPAC
Ted Briggs - Ontario Ministry of the Environment

St. Clair River Sediment Remediation - CRIC Update Report to BPAC
Ted Briggs - Ontario Ministry of the Environment

Final Project Report for Applying the COA Framework to the St. Clair River Area of Concern
ENVIRON International Corporation

Prescription for Great Lakes Ecosystem Protection and Restoration
Jack Bails, Alfred Beeton, Jonathan Bulkley, Michele DePhilip, John Gannon, Michael Murray, Henry Regier, Donald Scavia

Written by experts in the field of Great Lakes science, this paper outlines the stresses facing the lakes, and what needs to be done to prevent further ecosystem degradation.

Climate Change and Great Lakes Water Resources
National Wildlife Foundation

This report synthesizes current climate change science and presents the likely impacts warming temperatures will have on the Great Lakes, people and wildlife. It also provides recommendations for curbing global warming while preserving the resilience and adaptive capacity of the Great Lakes ecosystem.

Local Investment in the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence
Great Lakes Commission

Healthy Waters, Strong Economy: The Benefits of Restoring the Great Lakes Ecosystem
Brookings Institution

Great Lakes Blueprint: A Canadian Vision for Protecting and Restoring the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River Ecosystem
Canadian Environmental Law Association, Canadian Institute of Environmental Law and Policy, Ecojustice, Environmental Defence, Great Lakes United, Sierra Club of Canada

Written by six environmental organizations active on Great Lakes issues, the Blueprint puts forward a vision for the protection and restoration of the Great Lakes from a Canadian perspective.

Great Lakes Public Opinion Research
Great Lakes United

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files. Get it here if you do not have it.

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