2017 FOSCR Board of Directors
     Darrell Randell, President
     Brenda Lorenz, Vice President
     Terry Burrell, Treasurer
     Donna Strang, Secretary
     Ken Hall, Webmaster
     Kathy Watts, Director
     Peter Westfall, Director
     Kris Lee, Director
     Erin Carroll, Director
     Archie Kerr, Director
     Craig Griffiths, Director


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For more information on Friends of the St. Clair River or to get involved in FOSCR / BPAC activities, contact FOSCR webmaster, Ken Hall or Canadian BPAC Co-Chair Kris Lee.



Friends of the St. Clair River (FOSCR)   is an all-volunteer registered Canadian charitable organization. Its purpose is to promote conservation, beautification and other environmental activities associated with the St. Clair River and assist in the development and implementation of the St. Clair River Remedial Action Plan (RAP).

FOSCR membership consists of approximately 20 people who are the Canadian Members of the St. Clair River BPAC. The organization is operated by a Board of Directors who meet on a quarterly basis.

About the St. Clair River
The St. Clair River is a key shipping channel in the Great Lakes Seaway system and provides important habitat for many species within its wetland areas. 
It is also a designated as an Area of Concern (AOC) under the Canada–United States Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement. AOC's are sites on the Great Lakes system where environmental quality is significantly degraded and beneficial uses, such as the health of our beaches, are impaired.

Canadian and U.S. agencies are implementing a cleanup program, known as the Remedial Action Plan, with guidance from the St. Clair River Binational Public Advisory Council (BPAC) composed of representatives from Michigan and Ontario.


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2017 Uploads


The People’s Great Lakes Summit
May, 2017

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Discussion Paper
Status of the Beneficial Use Impairment Restrictions on Drinking Water Consumption or Taste and Odour Problems

Prepared for the Canadian RAP Implementation Committee

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community consultation report

The St. Clair River AOC - PowerPoint Presentation (13 slides)

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AOC Reports

A Study using revised delisting criteria to assess the "degradation of aesthetics" Beneficial Use Impairment (BUI) reports current evidence meets the identified target and supports the change of status of this BUI from "impaired" to "not impaired". Great news for the St. Clair River.

Read the full report here
Status of the Degradation of Aesthetics
Beneficial Use Impairment

Awareness / Promotional Items
Fighting Invasive Phragmites
SCRAOC Brochure

Fact Sheets  on the St. Clair River
Fact Sheet # 1
Fact Sheet # 2
Fact Sheet # 3
U.S. Fact Sheet

Click here to view archived status updates on remaining concerns in the St. Clair River Celebrating the St. Clair Photo Contest
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to view all the photographs entered by members of the public during FOSCR St. Clair River photo contests.

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